Best UK made Tobacco E liquids

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Bestcigliquid is famous for its Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavours and is regarded as the UK’S best and most popular. Here some great customer flavour profile breakdowns of each flavour.

Mrs JonesBest Shot, Easy Mix, Concentrate

Best UK made Tobacco E liquids

I’ve been seeing another liquid behind my all day vape’s back and her name is Mrs. Jones. A superb tobacco vape blended together with strong, black coffee and thick, rich caramel. First vape of this and I knew she was a keeper!

For a long while, BCL tobacco Honey Flue Cured has been my all day flavour, vape of choice, go-to liquid, call it what you will, its perfect balance of toasted tobacco notes and rich honey is one that I can happily puff away upon at any time of day. Where many other liquids can begin to become either too intense or overwhelming when used at length, Honey Flue has never reached that stage with me even after lengthy stretches of vapery. However, I can also happily glug away on espresso at any time of day too. I’ve had a few fairly good espresso or coffee centred flavours here and there that have paired well with my favourite short shot of black gold, but now Mrs. Jones has come along and I’ve discovered she’s the ideal companion vaping liquid for espresso or coffee in general. Thus, Honey Flue Cured is demoted to a semi-frequent vape; it goes better with tea anyway to be fair!

On the inhale, I get a tobacco taste sensation similar to that of Mumbo Jumbo, it’s deep and dark like a rich pipe tobacco, with good woodiness and perhaps a hint of cherry there too. That’s where it differs from Mumbo though, because the taste of the inhale is followed closely by the excellent espresso coffee flavour, which complements the tobacco notes wonderfully, intensifying just enough before the exhale brings the sweetness. This final part of the vaping experience is filled with a creamy, almost custardy caramel flavour, which finishes off the tobacco and coffee perfectly. In the aftertaste, I seem to also be left with a kind of lingering sweetness on the palate and also the lips, which is an after effect similar to that of drinking an espresso con panna. Fantastic vaping, everything I could personally ask for in an all-day, nay, desert island vape. As a smoker, coffee would rarely be taken without a cigarette and vice versa. Mrs. Jones provides these kinds of taste sensations all in one; bring an actual coffee to the table and I’m a very happy man indeed (simple things, eh?). To be fair, this knocks standard coffee flavour eliquid I’ve tried into a cocked hat; when I first switched to vaping I tried at least eight different coffee vapes and none of them came close to this.

Best UK made Tobacco E liquids

At my regular 4mg the throat hit from the nicotine itself is of course very slight, but the throat hit from the combination of the tobacco and the coffee flavouring does increase this feature of the vape, probably just enough to prevent it from become too overly intense. For something with a profile as complex as this, the ingredients need to combine and contrast and marry together within the short time that you inhale and exhale, so as far as I’m concerned I think a super punchy throat hit would just get in the way of this delicate process. Others may of course disagree, and find that the higher nic and resulting throat hit would only add to the overall experiences, hearkening back even more vividly to the days of a coffee and a cigarette, but without any of the harmful lung pollution.

My current set-up is a Mutation v1 on a mechanical mod and I find I get an optimum flavour when the airflow is half open, it seems to lose a little something at full airflow. Being on the fixed wattage of a mechanical, I can’t really say how ‘flexible’ the profile is on this one, but if you’re vaping this on a variable device, I’m sure you could entertain yourself with taste experiments, because you could certainly bring the creamy caramel flavour to the top, or make the coffee stronger or intensify the tobacco.

I highly recommend this superb liquid to you, but only really if you enjoy Best UK made Tobacco E liquids coffee flavour and regularly combine it with the darker, richer tobacco flavours in vaping. If you often partake in those types of liquids but happen to dislike coffee, then this one probably isn’t for you. For all the coffee-guzzling tobacco-heads who want to reminisce the old days of a tab and a coffee, Mrs.Jones will provide you will those sensations of old, but lovingly remove all the smoke, chemicals and carcinogens for you and serve you a damn fine cup of vape.

Best UK made Tobacco E liquids

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