Does E liquid come out of your clothes?

Using e cigarettes can be well, awesome.  However, some times it is possible that you can spill the e liquid onto your clothes. It could happen through a leak or  from a careless overfill. Apart from your clothes, the e liquid could spill on other pieces of fabric such as comforters and sheets.

Do not panic whenever this happens since it is actually possible to clean out the e liquid using simple steps. In most cases, e liquid spills do not result in permanent marks on your clothes making it easier to clean them off. Since the e liquids are of different strengths, they might require different mechanisms to deal with each one of them. Some e liquid spots can be washed away using a wet washcloth.

The wet wash cloth should be rubbed against the spot in order to dissolve the e liquid and get it off the cloth. Most of the e liquids that can be washed away using this mechanism include VG and PG. It can be strenuous to wash out the spot if the liquid has been added some colouring.

Alternatively, you could use a liquid detergent to clean the e liquid spot. The piece of cloth should be soaked in a strong liquid detergent that will dissolve the e liquid spot. As a result, the strong forces of attraction holding the spot particles together will be weakened and you will find it easier cleaning it thereafter. A liquid detergent freshens up the cloth and eliminates the odour from the e liquid. For efficient results, the liquid detergent should be sprayed directly on the spot while cleaning to facilitate the cleaning process.

You should find it easier cleaning coloured e liquids from clothes using this technique.

If the above methods and techniques do not work effectively for you, you can try out the power of the Spray and wash products. It has the power to clean all types of stains including grease. The spray should be directly applied on the e liquid spot before being rubbed gently to mix the formula and completely cover the stain.

Since the spray is too strong, it should be left to work on the stain for a maximum of five minutes before being finally rubbed to clear off the stain. Leaving the spray for a longer period of time is likely to fade your cloth. The spray should be washed off immediately with clean water.  Even something like Oxiclean could do the trick and would be better than just standard detergent.  You could find either product at your local drugstore or grocery.

It’s worth noting that if you get e liquid on a white shirt, it’s probably not going to come completely out.  If you get a a stronger resin e liquid (like a coffee or black grape) on white, that piece of clothing may be ruined.  You can still try the above steps but be careful filling your electronic cigarettes at all times and be even more careful when using darker or high resin e liquids.

We have some time in our vaping journey spilt juice on our clothes or its leaked on your sofa. Below are some examples of how to wash this out.

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