About Your Battery

First, we will focus on our battery. Your battery will come partially charged, and it is important that you use it until there is no more charge before connecting it to your USB charger for the first time. Before connecting your battery to your charger, make sure the top connector portion of the battery above the button is completely dry and free of any E Liquid. Your battery and chargers should come with a 6 month manufacturer warranty that does not cover accidental damages or shortages that will occur if you neglect to clean your battery.

Turning Your Battery On

To turn your battery on, quickly click your button 5 times and the button light should flash. You can see the light will stay constant if you hold the button. Your battery will automatically stop working if this button is held down for 15 straight seconds. Turning your battery off simply requires 5 more quick clicks. Your light will flash again, and your battery is off.

Filling Your Electronic Cigarette Clearomisor

Next, take the Electronic  atomizer, or heating element and remove the small coloured cap from the top of the device. You are able to twist off the cap to the left, and after the cap is completely de threaded, you will be able to pull the rest out. Do not lose the small silicone o-ring under the lip of your cap, or mouthpiece. Looking at your Electronic Cigarette, you will see that the top line on the plastic reads 1.6 mls or 2 mls. Also notice two wicks on opposite ends inside your Electronic Cigarette.

To fill the Clearomisor tank atomizer, you will want your eliquid to reach the top ml line and saturate the wicks on the side. Looking through the top of the Electronic Cigarette, you will notice a small metal hole in the middle of the atomizer; it is important not to flood this as you fill your atomizer with eLiquid. To fill your Electronic cigarette correctly, tilt it a 45 degree angle and slowly drool eliquid through the insides of the Electronic Cigarette. Once your e Cigarette Liquid fills to the top ml line, saturates the wicks on the side to where they appear clear and full of liquid, and has avoided the metal hole, your clearomisor is ready to be connected to the battery and be primed.

To connect your battery to your Electronic cigarette, simply thread the top of the battery into the bottom of the clearomisor to the right. It is important not to over tighten the battery, but also not to keep it loose and wobbly on top.

Priming Your Electronic Cigarette

To prime a newly filled Clearomisor tank atomizer, you can either let it sit freshly filled with liquid for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, or you can take about 5 to 10 puffs. If you opt to take initial puffs to prime your Electronic Cigarette, inhale through the mouthpiece while simultaneously pressing the button on the battery. Release the button and exhale when ready. The first few puffs will not be full of vapour or flavour and might even taste a bit burnt. Do not worry. After about 5-10 drags you should experience a medium to harsh throat hit, a wonderful flavour, and full vapour production.

Cleaning And Charging Your Battery

When your battery is dead, clean the top inside portion of the battery as mentioned, and twist onto your USB charger. Twist to the right until the light on your battery flashes. Do not over tighten your battery after there is a connection. The light on your USB will stay red for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours until your battery is fully charged and the light on your USB charger turns green. Take the battery off of the charger when the light turns green. We do not recommend charging your battery overnight. You should get about 6-8 or even longer, depending on the battery that you have, hours of usage out of your battery.

Some very interesting information about your E Cigarette and how to look after it. A clean e cig is a happy e cig!

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