Nelliescroggit vaping story!!!!.....I was one of the 'lucky' smokers, in that, despite smoking 25/30 fags a day for over 30 years, it had not seemed to have much effect on me. I was taking dancing classes, regularly exercising and didn't have a smokers cough. However, moving into my 50s, I also knew that the law of averages said my luck must run out sooner or later and I honestly can't remember how I first heard about e-cigs, but I started doing some research on the Internet.

Having given up cigarettes once before and put on a LOT of weight, ecigs seemed to be the perfect the time I thought "A fake fag with a coffee will be better than a biscuit with a coffee!"

On 1st Nov 2012, my V2 batteries were charged and I started vaping coffee and vanilla 12mg cartos. I have never smoked another cigarette. I've tried occasionally, but just lighting one made me spit/cough and chuck it in the bin. UGH, the taste was foul. I've heard lots of negatives about V2, but they worked for me, I loved the taste and the XL batteries lasted reasonably well.

Next came Egos/Spinners and Boge XL cartos, then Kanger T3s and Todds Reviews! Vermillion River e-liquid and a few concentrates to add flavour to bland purchases and I'm happy to say, only 7lbs weight gain!

With Todd's help, I started re-coiling the T3s and before too long, with AGA T2s and an RSST as stepping stones, I made my next and final step up.

I am now the owner of Kayfun V3s and Lites and The Super T PP 18650 and ELA, vaping my own DIY spiced vanilla custard, with a stash of PG nic base in the freezer to last 15+ years.

And the cost of all this...I worked it out a few weeks ago and the whole journey has come in at a little less than smoking would have cost me, but even if it had been double the would have been worth it.


I'm 36, been smoking since I was 13/14 (peer pressure and all that!) over the years it's become more of a habit than an enjoyment, I've been wanting to give up for quite a while but the thought of cold turkey scared me and patches just didn't seem right for me, I was worried I'd miss the whole hand to mouth thing so I was pretty sure they wouldn't work.

I found out about ecigs via a news article on BBC News that was talking about the E-Lites TV advert that had been banned. I Google searched them and had a good look around their website and did some maths and worked out they really wouldn't be much cheaper than my current smoking habits. I smoked roll ups and got my tobacco from the EU so much cheaper with no tax man involved!

I must admit the health benefits seemed to have taken a backseat to money saving, which seems daft with hindsite but well, I firmly believe smokers have their own logic. I'd quaff at a pair of socks for 5 quid yet quite happily buy 20 cigs for more than that and they'd last 24 hours at most.

So, that led me on to the obligatory 'best ecigarette' search on Google to see if I could find cheaper, or better alternatives. That led me to another ecig forum called UKVapers. I spent the next few hours reading the forum and quickly realising that the 'cigalikes' weren't up to much and a manual ecig would be much cheaper and better.

I did more reading the next morning and wanted a bit of investment as I was totally serious about using them so went straight for a twist battery starter kit and I ordered some separate Evods to replace the cartomiser that came with the starter kit.

That was 19 days ago and since I put the ecig together and took my first toot I've not had a cigarette since. No cravings, no temptation, nothing. My partner still smokes and even the smell hasn't tempted me to have another cig, when I did smoke the smell was a trigger, I'd have one if I wanted one or not if I could smell someone else smoking.

In a way I feel a bit of a fraud when I say I have given up smoking because it's been SO easy and I still get the nicotine and the inhale and exhale, it feels like I've cheated!!

My partner is also on his way, he has his own ecig now after trying mine and although he hasn't given up smoking completely he's dropped from 20-25 a day to 5-6


Having seen ecigs around for ages around 1 year ago i decided just for the heck of it to get one from the train station just because it as reduced to £2.99. The reason being often outside the station they would have a stall setup trying to sell them and promote them and i gave one a puff and didn't think it to offensive ( one of the many brands of disposable ones ). so i made my purchase of an e-lite cig that had a rubber cap. you took the cap off the tip sucked and it glowed green on the end to show it worked. Coloured and shaped like a cig the darn thing was awful so it pretty much remained unused after trying it for half a day.

Forward 6 months on and i had been in my IT job for 7 years and was going through some disputes at work, health and safety, poor work practices etc etc and so was considering quitting my £42K a year job and going from the esmi pro photography i had been doing part time for 5 years to fully Pro. I knew the risks and knew that i would be taking a huge Loss of earnings and so decided to look a little more into ecigs. so around April/may 2013 after doing lots of hunting around on Google and the like i came across a few ecig sites and decided on an ego duo kit for me and the wife along with some tobacco flavoured juice and a couple of menthol flavours. the kit arrived and despite the wife's best efforts she just didn’t like the taste and though she gave it 2 weeks remained smoking too. Knowing my income was going to be a lot less i found it a far more pleasant experience than the original e-lite i had tried and after a few days of coughing , spluttering and some serious throat hits gradually got used to the ego and clearomizers and purchased a few more tobacco flavours and a couple of other different juices.

I decided from the day the kit arrived to stop smoking and in all honesty have not had a problem in terms of cravings or wanting a proper smoke. The only difficulties that sometimes arise is not having a start and end to the ecig. after dinner there was nothing like lighting a cig up, smoking it and then putting it out. 3 minutes of enjoyment. with the ecig theres no finalization of putting it out so its harder to have that burst of intake and now its a more continual event.

Have i ever gone back and had a sneaky cig.. No but i have had a horrible e-lite.. Why? >. well went out for a days shooting in london, had my ego and spare ego with me... my ego battery ran out so got there spare out... no go wouldn't fire at all ( broken centre pin it turned out) .. only choice left was pop into a garage and pick up a throwaway elite to get me through the day.

So since around may i started on the ecigs. Quit my IT job at beginning of June and now a FT photographer and FT vaper. ive moved from ego and EGo C to a kamry x6 with 3 voltage settings and puritanks and vivi novas and now again in past week or so moved onto a Mech mod i was kindly sent for free ( a Puresmoke Legacy ) and building my Own coils on an RSST. I still like the tobacco flavours but also enjoy redbull, Absinthe and currently vaping Irn Bru. i have even Incorporated vaping into photography taking a few shots of vape trails as well which i plan on experimenting more on soon. Haven't quite succumbed to the shinyitis syndrome yet though do plan on getting a smaller Mech and another RBA as well and trying my hand at dual and micro coils and the like. Vaping i see as not just a healthier lower cost replacement for the ciggies but also a hobby too !

Lord Grim

Started with a Riva 510, hated it. About a year later I heard somewhere that things were improving in the e-cig (sic) world so I bought an Ego-T. Things hadn't improved. Then I met someone who at the time I considered to be an advanced vaper cos he used ce4's. So I bought some ce-4's from Britvapes. Things were looking up! While browsing Britvapes, I spotted the Argento and working on the premise that it's bigger so it must be a stronger vape, I bought one. It wasn't. (Bear in mind that at this point I hadn't considered the battery voltage or resistance values).

So, back to Britvapes I went and bought what is now known as an Ego V6, and from a certaain horned vendor bought a couple of carto tanks. This was a huge improvement, and got me wondering how much better it could get. So I scoured the interweb for other vendors (I remember at the time thinking that LF, TW and BV were the only vendors around...naive ) I discovered Vivi Novas and learned to rewick them. Then came lavatubes, spinners, genesis, vari-watt and a deeper understanding of how things work. And now I have come full circle and am back to mechs, but now they work as I am not trying to vape a 2.8 ohm ce4 and wondering where the clouds have gone. It's been aa long journey and it hasn't been as linear as I've suggested, but there ya go.

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