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What are e-cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes are normally the size and shape of a regular cigarette and they produce a vapour that contains nicotine. They provide a way of satisfying smokers.  Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking tobacco products. They stop nicotine cravings in a way that is more similar to actually smoking than other methods – including the fact that vapour can be felt as you inhale it much like cigarette smoke – but without the other carcinogens and toxic chemicals that smoke contains (the vapour contains fewer than ten different chemicals, all of which are licensed as safe for human consumption).

How do Electronic cigarettes work?

All ecigs have a rechargeable battery, an atomizer that is powered by the battery, and a cartridge that holds liquid for producing vapour. In some models the atomizer and cartridge are combined into one component called a cartomizer.

The ecigarette’s atomizer turns the liquid into vapour inhaled like the smoke from a regular cigarette. There are two major types of ecig: automatic and manual. In an automatic, the atomizer is activated when the user draws air through the ecigarette and vapour is produced in a way that mimics smoking a cigarette. In a manual version on the other hand, the atomizer is activated when a button on the side of the battery is pressed and vapour is produced for as long as it is held down.

The bulk ingredient in the ‘e-liquid’ that produces the vapour is the same as that used in some medical inhalers. e-liquids can have many flavours as well as various strengths of nicotine (including nicotine-free for those looking to kick their dependency on nicotine completely).

Why use an Electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The idea is to obtain the nicotine in a cool mist with a few well-known ingredients that are all approved for human consumption instead of inhaling toxic smoke, since it is known that smoking tobacco cigarettes is associated with many serious health issues and about a one in three chance of early death. For many, e-cigarettes provide a way of satisfying nicotine cravings in a very much less harmful way than smoking and also provide a replacement for the physical act of smoking that is lacking in most other alternatives. E-cigarettes replicate many of the physical sensations of smoking including the ‘throat hit’ of smoke. This makes it a more satisfying experience for many users than patches, lozenges, gum or inhalers. It is not for everybody though and may not be the best route to giving up smoking entirely. Some people use ecigarettes with nicotine-free vapour in order to kick their reliance on nicotine as it provides some of the physical actions of smoking which are a large part of the habitual element of cigarette addiction.

Can I use one anywhere?

No. Local regions such as cities can introduce byelaws that prohibit their use indoors. Also, the owner of some premises or transport service can also prohibit their use. Some cities, buildings, and airlines therefore prohibit their use. It is good to ask first before you use one.

Are e-cigarettes right for me?

It is very hard to tell if ecigarettes are right for you without actually trying one. Electronic Cigarettes are designed for use by smokers who are looking for an alternative to tobacco. No one under 18 should use one, and no one who is not a tobacco smoker should use one. Nicotine is highly addictive and you don’t want to get yourself hooked if you aren’t already! Electronic cigarettes are most appropriate for those who have found giving up nicotine completely to be very difficult but who want a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. It is also a good solution for those who have found that missing the action and sensations of smoking has contributed to failed attempts to quit in the past.

What e-liquids should I get?

There are probably several thousand liquid recipes on sale now. It is best to get a selection of different types and flavours of refill, because it’s impossible to tell what you will like or dislike. For example, smokers who never smoked menthol cigarettes may well like menthol liquid in an e-cig, as it is different from smoking cigs in many ways. The most popular flavours, are tobacco (as you might expect), caramel, toffee, menthol, fruits, and desserts.

Some like PG liquids, some prefer all-VG, some like tobacco flavours, some prefer sweet or fruit flavours. There’s no way of telling. Do you like whisky or white wine? At least with e-cigs you can choose both – just be aware there are many variations that some will love and some will hate.

What strength Electronic Cigarette e-liquid should I buy?

When starting out, user technique tends to be poor, so that a stronger liquid may be needed in order to compensate. This may apply more if the person is a heavy smoker. As time progresses, it might be possible to reduce the nicotine strength to what most vapers consider an average or medium strength: 18mg.

Of course, some never reduce it and still use high strength after years; others reduce it gradually and get down to 12mg or even 6mg. It’s what suits the individual. Some finally go to zero-nic, and simply vape flavoured liquid with no nicotine in it. For them this is a satisfying process.

It is probably best to use the lowest strength of nicotine that is satisfactory most of the time. Some stronger liquid can be used if there is an intense craving for a cigarette. It is not good policy to use the strongest liquid available and never see if the strength can be reduced, since there may be health consequences to extended use of strong nicotine. The strength of any e-liquid can be reduced by simply adding VG, glycerine, from a pharmacy.

Just as people might prefer one brand of cigarette to others, or one beer over another, the same is true of e-liquids – you have to try them and see. As with many consumer products, there is a wide choice of offerings and you should try several. An important point to note is that someone else’s opinion of an e-liquid vendor’s products, or a particular flavour, isn’t worth a lot – you may dislike what they like, and vice-versa.

How much Electronic Cigarette liquid will I need?

About 30ml is a good idea for a beginner. The average user consumes between 2ml and 3ml per day. Heavy users can go through 5ml a day or more. After a week or two you will probably find that you need more liquid than you would have thought.

Can I save money compared with smoking?

The main benefit is that you are not now inhaling the >5,300 chemicals produced by burning plants and paper, not the cost savings – but for many people it can also be cheaper.

Surveys suggest that the average e-cigarette user spends £45 a month on Vaping supplies. If they were smoking one pack a day then the average cost might have been £150 a month. We think it is likely that the e-cig users in these surveys have under-reported their monthly spend by up to half, making the true figure more likely around £35 on average. This would mean Vaping is costing them about half the cost of smoking

PG or VG liquid?

The benchmark liquid is PG-based and is entirely suitable for most people. Most liquids have a percentage of VG as well, as it adds to the vapour volume. PG tends to deliver more ‘throat hit’, though VG gives a little more vapour. PG is slightly ‘hotter’, VG is slightly ‘cooler’ and sweeter. Some prefer an all-VG liquid though, and some need to use it due to a sensitivity to PG. Those who are sensitive to PG might find it has a tendency to dry out the throat more than it should, or other minor side effects, but such people are a minority. Only trial and error can tell you which you prefer. Everyone finds that Vaping tends to dry the throat more than smoking, perhaps due to the fact that an extended usage time is need in comparison. For that reason, many find a drink at hand is of use


You should store your e-liquid in a cool, dark place as it may be affected by light and warmth. The most common base component, PG, is actually a bactericide and virucide so it doesn’t usually suffer from degradation, but other components such as VG and flavouring might. Nicotine is degraded by exposure to light and air.

All materials MUST be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Materials must be stored in such a way that other family members will not mistake them for cooking ingredients or medicines. Concentrated nicotine is a dangerous poison and must be treated as such.

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WARNING: E-Liquid contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Product may be poisonous if orally ingested.  E-cigarettes are not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested or guaranteed as such. E-Liquid has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor is it intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  E-cigarette products are intended only for smokers of legal age and over the age of 18 (UK).  These products are not recommended for non-smokers, children, pregnant women, or people with high blood pressure or asthma.  If you experience any side effects you should discontinue use immediately. All published information regarding testing of vaping products are readily available on the Internet.

Customers: If you are sensitive to PG (Propylene Glycol) should have a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerine) content. All flavours are subjective to taste and samples are in place to try before committing to larger quantities. To get the best from our products a quality Vaporizer is required.

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