Beetle Juice Best Shot

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Beetle Juice Best Shot

Sweet, zingy, mouthwatering makes this the perfect Beetle Juice Best Shot!

Flavour profile:  Beetle Juice

Simply add your own VG, PG and Nicotine to this. The bottle label will state in ML how much VG, PG and Nicotine to add to it.

Simply choose any Ratio, the nicotine strength you vape at and if your using VG or PG Nicotine.

Please see below information on adding your own Nicotine to this bottle shot.

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Product Description

Bestcigliquid’s bottle shot ‘best shot’

Dessert One shot is where you just add your Nicotine, VG and PG to a bottle that has your chosen flavour concentrate. All our products are Nicotine free, you have to add your own ingredients to these products, its easy and very simple to do. All bottle shot labels will have the correct 3 measurements for you to follow (choose your options above).

View our 72 mg PG Nicotine products or VG Nicotine Products

So how much Nicotine do i add to these products?

All Bottle shots are supplied in a 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml bottle, the higher your Nicotine strength the more Nicotine you need to add to it.

100 ml bottle shot (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement)

1 mg – 1.4 ml, 3 mg – 4.2 ml, 5 mg – 6.9 ml, 8 mg – 11.1 ml, 10 mg – 13.9 ml, 12 mg – 16.7, 14 mg – 9.4 ml, 16 mg – 22.2 ml, 18 mg – 25 ml

250 ml bottle shot (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement)

1 mg – 3.5 ml, 3 mg – 10.4 ml, 5 mg – 17.4 ml, 8 mg – 27.8 ml, 10 mg – 34.7 ml, 12 mg – 41.7, 14 mg – 48.6 ml, 16 mg – 55.6 ml, 18 mg – 62.5 ml

500 ml bottle shot (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement)

1 mg – 6.9 ml, 3 mg – 20.8 ml, 5 mg – 34.7 ml, 8 mg – 55.6 ml, 10 mg – 69.4 ml, 12 mg – 83.3, 14 mg – 97.2 ml, 16 mg – 111.1 ml, 18 mg – 125 ml

Nicotine shots

Nicotine shots can be used with these products, and for higher MG strengths a fair few would be needed, we recommend using 72 mg for these products

Remember – these products are bottle shots, they have the perfect amount of your chosen flavour concentrate at the bottom of the bottle, where you add your own VG, PG and Nicotine to them. These are great for saving money, sharing with friends or to sell on to your friends.


Steeping the Dessert One shot is down to personal taste, in the ideal world customers mix their bottle shots without the Nicotine, leave in a dark place, shake and repeat. The Nicotine is added after the product has steeped, we do not advise you to breath the steeped E liquid (leaving the cap off).

Cream based flavours – 2 months or longer, Fruits – 4 weeks, Tobaccos – 2 weeks

For flavour reviews please see Vaping with vic or spit in your dripper

Additional Information


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml

1 review for Beetle Juice Best Shot

  1. 5 out of 5


    BEETLE JUICE 70% vg from the BEST SHOT range.
    Well this has got a deliciously, beautifully blended mix of fruits. I can taste strawberries, pineapple, raspberries and a gentle banana taste is left on the exhale a really pleasant all day vape.

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