Well its going to happen! The TPD regulation will hit in MAY and many changes will be made to the way you vape. Please read below and email us on any questions.

Another good reason to vote out of the EU!

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Vaping is booming in the UK. Walk down any high street and you’ll see e-cigarettes everywhere, of all shapes, sizes and makes. So widespread are they, you could be forgiven that they are more popular than cigarettes. They’re not quite yet, but their popularity is rising at such a rate that they almost certainly will be by 2020. But will they? Maybe not if the European Union gets its way with the Tobacco Products Directive…

If you look at the TPD in detail, the petty details that are contained within it are astounding, and could have profound effects on vaping, the vaping industry and our individual freedoms to use the devices of our choice. Some of these regulations include:

Almost 100 % ban on the advertising of e-cigarettes

We all understand the reasons why tobacco advertising is banned. Tobacco kills over 700,000 people per year. But why ban the advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes? Both ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) and Cancer Research have recognised their usefulness in helping people quit tobacco, so it’s clear that e-cigarettes actually SAVE lives. The EU’s TPD will simply hamper the health of the nation and will mean millions will continue to smoke rather than move across to e-cigarettes which are 95% safer than cigarettes according to Public Health England.

The strength of nicotine E-Liquids is to be limited to 20 mg (2%) nicotine

Figures suggest that about a third of all vapers use liquids of this strength or stronger. There are two main problems with this:

They are used a lot by people who are switching from smoking to vaping. Users often start with the stronger liquids as it eases them into vaping more easily. Most then reduce the nicotine levels. Restricting the amount of nicotine could make switching harder for people.

 People who are very nicotine dependent often use the strongest liquids. When they are not available, there is a big possibility that they could go back to smoking to get the nicotine hit that they require.

Limiting e-liquid container size to 10 ml and cartridges and tanks to 2 ml

This is assumed to be down to a misunderstanding of the toxicity of e-liquid. Of course you shouldn’t drink e-liquid, it’s perfectly OK to vape but not to drink, most sensible people know that. But to restrict the size of containers is ridiculous justin case someone decided to drink it. Do we do the same to bleach? That can kill if you drink it but that isn’t restricted to a mere 2ml.

E-cigarettes must have a leaf free filling system

What is a leak free filling system? Is anything leak free? Is it actually possible? What this means is that the vast majority of the e-cigarettes we use today could well become obsolete because they do not have what is technically a leak free filling system. One e-cigarette that will remain largely unaffected by this (and indeed many of the new regulations under the TPD) is the cig-a-like style of e-cigarette. These are generally of a very poor quality, offer a very poor vaping experience and if these ever were the only type of e-cigarette available then there would surely be a significant amount of vapers moving back to cigarettes.

With the Tobacco Products Directive, the EU has the opportunity to transform the health of millions of Europeans in a positive way. However, in its current form it will simply drive people back into the hands of Big Tobacco and put a financial strain on the health services and systems of every nation in Europe. If the European courts choose to uphold this legislation in light of the recent challenge made against it, it will simply be a disaster for Europe and its citizens.

What are we doing? Find out more here:

Any information please as always email us at info@bestcigliquid.co.uk


As far as we can tell there are still no emissions testing guideline or any other testing guideline. If any vendor says they are TPD compliant they are wrong this may get delayed or even thrown out. There are very important people working behind the scene to have the TPD thrown out for a more workable TPD.  

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