Ever wondered what's in the vapour - lets find out?

I often get asked a question that is posed somewhat like this: “So, E cig second hand smoke, what’s in that exactly?”  The truth is is not really anything more than water vapour and the scent of whatever flavour is loaded in the ecig.  Here is a bit more on the subject.

The electronic cigarette contains only a small amount of liquid mixed with a solvent like propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (both used in food we eat), when the user inhales with the electronic cigarette, the e cigarette vaporizes the liquid and the user inhales this vapour to get the feeling of smoking. In this process the user consumes most, if not all, of the nicotine in the vapour and then it exhales the vapour that looks like smoke.  In fact, it looks nearly exactly like smoke. There are lots of tests and on going tests readily available and all are found to be harmless unless heated at 5000 degrees plus. But these tests are squashed and hidden by the powers that be - I wonder why?

Since this exhaled vapour contains only water vapour it’s widely considered fine for the people around the ecig user.  Some new studies suggest there may be nicotine in the vapour as well but, so far, it’s very inconclusive.  Keep in mind that’s if you’re even smoking (vaping) an e liquid that has nicotine in it.  Most brands offer a 0 mg e liquid variety, that are nicotine free. We offer a ‘0’ nicotine option to our mixes too!

Also, this mist like water vapour, dissolves in atmosphere in few seconds. So it doesn’t linger very long and most people do not even realize you’re smoking (vaping) an ecig.

So What’s In E Liquid Anyway?

Most brands contain:

Nicotine: Unless you select 0 mg, which then it contains none.

PG: Propylene Glycol – This is an additive used in foods we eat.  Deemed safe for consumption by the FDA.

VG: Vegetable Glycerin – Another additive used in foods we eat.  Deemed safe for consumption by the FDA.

Food Flavourings: We use these in foods and sweets daily.  Deemed safe for consumption by the FDA. Brands like Bestcigliquid use Kosher food flavourings that are a step above food grade as well.

So, in conclusion we can say that when you exhale the smoke after smoking with electronic cigarette, then you do not exhale any smoke from your mouth but you release only water vapor that looks like smoke. Until more conclusive studies add more to this, it’s hard to say that anything else is released in the air.

Even if e cig second hand smoke were to contain some nicotine, my final thought is what is released in regular cigarette second hand smoke? Think for yourself, is it better or worse than what is released in an ecig?  I’ll let you do your own research and decide for yourself, I have my opinion, drawn from my own conclusions.  I’m not implying anything, do your own research and see what you find.

So what's in the Vapour? Some basic and frequently asked questions are shown below. We advise that you familiarise yourself with some recent scientific reports and videos to get the updated news.

Please contact us at sales@bestcigliquid.co.uk if you have any questions.

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Why Choose Bestcigliquid.co.uk?

WARNING: E-Liquid contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Product may be poisonous if orally ingested.  E-cigarettes are not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested or guaranteed as such. E-Liquid has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor is it intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  E-cigarette products are intended only for smokers of legal age and over the age of 18 (UK).  These products are not recommended for non-smokers, children, pregnant women, or people with high blood pressure or asthma.  If you experience any side effects you should discontinue use immediately. All published information regarding testing of vaping products are readily available on the Internet.

Customers: If you are sensitive to PG (Propylene Glycol) should have a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerine) content. All flavours are subjective to taste and samples are in place to try before committing to larger quantities. To get the best from our products a quality Vaporizer is required.

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