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Tobacco E-liquid Products

If you have never tried a Pure Tobacco Vape you are in for a big surprise.  A regular Tobacco E-liquid has only a basic Tobacco taste but with a 100% Naturally Extracted Tobacco you will experience a Tobacco sensation never seen before. Produced direct from the the Tobacco Leaf for over 12 months these Tobacco Flavours are stunning.

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Custom Made Tobacco E-liquid

Welcome to Bestcigliquid, here we customize your E-liquid to suit your Vaping style. Choose from hundreds of E-liquid flavours, Mixtures and Nicotine strengths jam packed with flavour and taste. We are the only E-liquid Vendor in the world that mixes your juice to your specifications.

Clean Room Quality

All our E-liquid are mixed in our fabulous ISO7 Clean room so you know your juice is as clean and pure as it should be. 

Value For Money

If you are looking for Value for money fresh E-liquid you have come to the right place with E-liquid from £4.99 a bottle with Nicotine included.

Worlds best Tobacco Flavours

Extracted direct from the Tobacco Leaf our Tobaccos are highly sort after buy Tobacco Vapers around the world. With over 300 different Tobacco flavours we are unmatched for Quality, taste and Consistency. Checkout our huge range of Tobacco E-liquids.

Tobacco Leaves

We use raw Tobacco leaf types such as Burley, Virginia, Cavendish, Latakia and Turkish. Combinations of different leaves are used.

Tobacco Flavour

All our 100% NET Tobacco Flavours are matured in their own leaves for over 12 months or longer see our Supreme Tobacco E-liquids.

We use different Burley types such as Dark brown Burley from Kentucky, light Burley from Brazil & white Burley from Malawi. Amazing quality and price to match

Types of Virginia we use are Flue-cured, Dark fire-cured, Light air-cured and dark air-cured (sun-cured) leaves. Combining these leaves brings amazing tobaccos.

Latakia has an intense, smokey, peppery taste and aroma. Its a strong Tobacco and a very rare leaf. A great tobacco to mix with other blends to create depth.

An American Tobacco Leaf produced in Louisiana, USA. It is a strong tobacco and has a unique flavour profile like nothing you have experienced before.

Pure 100% Tobacco Leaf Extract. Premium quality Tobacco Flavours

Create your own Tobacco E-liquid vape by using these Tobacco Concentrates

Amazing Tobacco Leaf mixtures of standard tobaccos and Pure Leaf combinations

Try our whole range of Tobacco Flavours in easy to use 10 ml Samples in many mixtures

Huge Tobacco range with Pure Tobacco and Pure Menthol Extracts

Customized E-liquid to suit your Vaping style. Add your own 72 mg Nicotine