Naturally Extracted Tobacco FAQ

What is the best Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid?

Many online Vendors have a wide range of the best Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavours. has the biggest Tobacco range.

What are the best tasting Tobacco flavours?

Cavendish –, Aged Burley –, Balkan –, Golden Virginia –

What are the best Tobacco E-liquids in 2020?

This is down to personal taste. Many Vendors create their own Tobacco E-liquids. has a huge range and samples to try.

What is 100% Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid.

This is the pure essence from a Tobacco leaf. Techniques are used to extract the Tobacco from the raw Leaf resulting in a 100% pure Tobacco concentrate.

Are 100% Naturally Extracted Tobaccos expensive?

Naturally Extracted Tobaccos can be a bit pricey due to the process its taken to produce the flavour.