Mix it, make it, sell it - the UK's No 1 rated Best Bottle Shot!

Best shot (or bottle shot) is great way to save money and vape the flavours, mixes and Nicotine strengths you want giving you full control.

‘Imagine a bottle with flavour concentrate in the bottom, its a great way to have months worth of E liquid or to sell on as many do’

Each Best shot product has options for you to choose, choose these options and your bottle will arrive with concentrate and full instructions on how to make it.

When you receive this product the label will have 3 basic instructions in ml for you to follow – how much 72 mg Nicotine, VG and PG to put in – Simple!

72 mg Nicotine and by brought here, VG and PG can be also be brought here

Share it with your friends, spread the word and please let us know how you get on.

E liquid Bottle shots by bestcigliquid

Fully tracked
All our Best shots are sent fully Tracked.
Quality assured
Prepared in iso7 clean rooms, world class customer service, and the best ingredients you can find.
Customize your product to your exact requirements and regarded as the cheapest and best quality

Mixing your Bottle shots


Bottle shot E liquid products is the best way to vape, bottle shots are popular with home DIY mixers and anyone can do this, saving you time and money. Come along and join our very popular E liquid Facebook group, with hints and frequent giveaways.