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May 2017 TPD regulation will hit hard and many vaping outlets and online vendors will find it difficult to continue trading, make sure you are well ahead of the game with bestcigliquid’s Easy Mix! With more and more vapers switching to DIY, its no wonder Easy Mixes are so popular.

A huge range of Easy Mixes and Best Shots available for wholesale

Easy mix, what is it?

Easy mix is a brand new way for DIY users to add their own Nicotine to this product. Choose a range of popular Mixes, DIY strengths from 3 mg, 6 mg and 8 mg (other strengths upon request) and our best selling flavours. With TPD compliant labels and bottles, easy to follow instructions on each label, its so easy to use.

Tip: The average DIY mixer has a minimum of 2 years worth of Nicotine in storage.

Tip: Nicotine shots can be used with these products

DIY vapers will have access to Nicotine either from their own supplies or by the use of a TPD compliant Nicotine Shot, Easy Mix takes out all the hard work so all they have to add is add the Nicotine.

At Bestcigliquid we have a dedicated clean room set up to deal with the huge amount of wholesale orders we have been receiving, with a quality product and fast turn around you can be rest assured you will receive a quality product.

We have the UK’s biggest range of Naturally Extracted Tobaccos which will appeal to your new vaper, mouthwatering fruits and sweet desserts, not forgetting menthol and mint.


What’s available for wholesale?

Easy Mixes – 100 ml

Best shots – 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml

Nicotine shots – 10 ml 20 mg VG

100 ml bottles:
100 ml Easy mix bottle with child-proof screw cap and an extra twist dispensing cap (these are supplied) for dispensing into another bottle and factory sealed.

Any mix can be made to accommodate your customer needs.

For inquires please email us

We also have our very popular Best shot products where the customer adds their own VG, PG and Nicotine to a bottle that has the perfect amount of concentrate. These are very popular with our advanced vapers who has full control on how they want their E liquid.
The label has three basic instructions on how much VG, PG and Nicotine to add in ML going by your preferred MIX and MG choices.

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