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How to steep E-liquid

How to steep E-liquid

How to steep E-Liquid?

What is steeping?

Steeping it’s a process that allows the flavours in your mix such as Flavouring, VG, PG and Nicotine to blend and combine creating a better and stronger flavoured E-Liquid and it’s the combination of steeping techniques that best speed this process up.

Some of the ingredients in e-liquid are very slow to mix, VG in particular so it can take a great deal of time before the liquid is mixed well enough to provide the the best flavour profile. (Don’t forget VG is what creates the clouds)

After creating your mix in most cases it’s necessary to steep your freshly mixed e-liquid,  when you give your mix a shake it may appear that the flavours have combined and blended sufficiently but really they haven’t yet.

Letting your e-liquid steep gives time for the flavours to merge in an efficient and effective way creating a well-rounded flavour. The science behind steeping is frankly very murky but almost everyone who’s mixed E-Liquid can tell you that the flavour of liquids improved dramatically in the weeks after its it’s first mixed. Here are some techniques that can help this process.

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How to steep E-liquid?

How to steep E-liquid Method 1: Storing and shaking.

Towards the end of your mix once all the ingredients are mixed together grab a syringe or pipette and thoroughly swirl it around to help the blending of the flavours. What you can also do is suck the mix  in and out of the syringe or the pipette multiple times again this will help to fully combine all the elements that have gone into the liquid. After you’ve transferred the liquid into A bottle give your e-liquid a vigorous Shake.

How to steep E-liquid Method 2: Storing

Place your liquid in a dark dry and cool place for 3 to 4 days or longer depending on the recommended steeping provided by your recipe. Take it out a couple of times a day to give it a thorough shake and then place it back in your storage place. Repeat this daily until the recommended sleeping has past or until you deem fit for your E-Liquid.

How to steep E-liquid Method 3: Warm water

Fill up a beaker or a bath or a suitable sized container with warm to the touch but not hot water. It’s important to insure that you do not use very hot water as this may cause nicotine and other ingredients used in your mix to degrade.

Place your bottle into the warm water and allow it to sit for around 10-minutes. Take it out and give it a thorough shake and place it back into the water and repeat until the water is cold. With this method you can repeat the whole cycle as many times as necessary.

Steeping your E-liquid in general is subjective to each mix so finding the best method and how to do this will be down to you.


These techniques can I help you get a good result more quickly but ultimately for some e-liquids  nothing is more important  than time. Keeping records of the steeping time needed for your mixes to be by at at their best will help you plan your you’re mixing schedule and insure you never run out of your favourite  juice. Always have a number of different E-liquids on hand with different steeping times written on the bottle label so you can refer to at a later date.

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