What product should i purchase?

Find what E liquid is right for you, here is a jargon buster that may come in handy when choosing your E liquid.

Easy Mix

The Easy Mix you see on the website is basically a bottle of E liquid that you can buy in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles. They’re really cool because with an Easy Mix you can add your own 72 mg Nicotine to them. 72 mg Nicotine you can find and buy from here.

The Nicotine when you purchase it is strong stuff so keep it away from kids and pets, you only need 100 mls of it, so keep it locked away in your freezer and only take it out when you need to. Remember, Nicotine will go off pretty quickly if stored in a warm place so make sure you keep it as cold as you possibly can get it. If the Nicotine starts to change colour and smells peppery, its time to get some fresh Nicotine in.

Here is the page to our Easy Mix range, choose the flavour you think you would like to vape, we have many flavours so choose wisely.

One you have chosen your flavour you will see some options for you to choose, these are very important as it tells us how you would like your E liquid made, below i will tell you what they are:

Volume: Choose what bottle size you want.

E liquid Mixture: This is very important, VG creates more vape, PG creates more throat hit and makes the flavours in the E liquid ‘pop’, so if you want more clouds, choose a high VG Mixture, if you want more throat hit, try a high PG mixture. A perfect choice is a 60% VG 40% PG mixture, those with huge tanks and devices will have a 70%VG 30%PG for more cloud production.

Nicotine Strength: This option you need to find out what Nicotine Strength you want to vape at, don’t forget you will be adding the Nicotine yourself once you receive it. New vapers usually start on a 18 mg Nicotine strength, you can work your way down over the months until you reach zero, this will take time and its good fun whilst you do this. The lower the Nicotine strength the less Nicotine your will have in your E liquid, again, those with big devices and who you see with loads of vape will have 3 mg or below.

VG or PG Nicotine: When you buy your Nicotine from here, you can choose either VG or PG Nicotine, i would go for a VG base Nicotine as its easier to work with than a PG Nicotine when adding it to your E liquids, although PG wont freeze so thats something worth considering.


Shortfills with Nicotine Shots

The easy way to vape, similar to the Easy Mix above, these E liquids come fully loaded with Nicotine shots. Adding these Nicotine shots to your Shortfill E liquids means you can vape at the Nicotine strength you have chosen on the website. Here are the E liquids with Nicotine shots, as above, choose what flavour you want to vape. Below, you have the following options:

Strengths: Here you can choose from 2 mg all the way up to 12 mg, as stated, these do come with Nicotine shots to add to it. As with the 72 mg Nicotine mentioned aboves, these need to be kept cool or cold so the dont go off. If they change colour, bin them and purchase some fresh Nicotine Shots.

Ratio: Exactly the same as the Easy Mix products, you can always experiment on the ratios to find which ratio suits you best.

When you receive your E liquids with Nicotine Shots, squirt them into the bottle and shake it well, let it sit for 10 minutes before vaping.


Bot Shots

A fab way of making your own E liquid. If you have ever wanted to make your own E liquid, you can by using Bot Shots. Its a great way to save money and have fun in the mean time, we have hundreds of Vapers just like you that use the Bot Shots.

The come in a handy 250 ml bottle, yes 250 mls! But, you need to do a little bit of work before you can vape it here is what you have to do:

Step 1) Purchase VG! VG from BCL can be found here. For a 250 ml Bot Shot a 250 ml bottle of VG will be enough.

Step 2) Purchase PG! PG from BCL can be found here. For a 250 ml Bot Shot a 250 ml bottle of PG will be enough.

Step 3) Purchase 100 mls of 72 mg VG Nicotine. VG Nicotine can be found here.

Choose the flavour you want, here is the page of our 250 ml Bot Shot range.

Choose your options

Each flavour has options for you to choose, again just like the Easy Mix and Shortfills with Nicotine shots, choosing your E liquid options to the mixture you want your Bot Shot to be at.

When you receive your Bot Shot, it will have 3 basic instructions for you to follow. The instructions will tell you how much VG, PG and 72 mg Nicotine to add to the Bot Shot, this will fill it to the bottle rim.

Shake your Bot Shot really well and let it sit for 10 minutes before vaping.



Now, many vapers around the world like to steep their E liquid/Bot shots for many days/weeks/months before they vape it. Why? Well, this matures the flavours and enhances the E liquid considerably. They steep the E liquid in a dark cupboard, shake every few days and wait… and wait… You will see the E liquid change colour, this is normal in the steeping process.


Tobacco E liquid

At bestcigliquid we have the biggest range of Tobacco E liquids in the UK, from basic Tobaccos, to Tobacco extracts to 100% Naturally Extracted Tobaccos which takes months of preparation to get them ready for sale.