Easy to use E liquids with Nicotine shots

Our most popular E liquid section, reviewed and loved by many E liquid UK vapers all over the world.

Easy mix with Nicotine shots is a very popular product that makes vaping E liquid easy.

Instructions: Find the E liquid flavour you want from this page then: choose the E liquid ratio you want, choose your preferred Nicotine strength.

Your E liquid UK product will arrive already mixed without the Nicotine just squeeze the Nicotine shot/s into the bottle and your done.

Everything is sent to you ready to use and vape, we have a huge range so please purchase wisely.

Looking for E liquid without Nicotine shots? Easy and very simple to use go here

E liquid UK Easy mix with Nicotine shots

Our very popular E liquid UK Easy mix with Nicotine shots section, here you will find E liquid in 100 ml bottles with Nicotine shots. Its very easy and simple to do, simply choose your E liquid options from a shake and vape product page, your product will arrive with you freshly mixed with E liquid Nicotine shots, squeeze them in, a good shake and away you go.

All E liquids are delivered freshly mixed, they have not been shelved or stacked or mixed previous, we feel this is the right way produce E liquid and have done it this way for the last 8 years. It really is the cheapest way to vape and we have thousands of returning customers that enjoy vaping E liquid this way.

Because your E liquid UK is freshly mixed they may need a little ‘steep’ before you can use them, steeping is very easy to do and its just a case of shaking your E liquid ‘Easy mix’ and leaving in a dark place for the flavours to bond together, your E liquid may darken over time and this is very normal.

We hope you enjoy our products, remember to use gloves when using 72 mg Nicotine and keep your E liquid Nicotine away from pets and children. Please join us on our very popular E liquid Facebook group here.

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