Frequently asked questions and answers and our services and products

Why Can't I Login?
If you have ordered from us before and are having trouble remembering your password, the first step would be to use the "Forgot Your Password?" function on the login pageto reset your password. Having done this please try and login again. NB: If you have messaged us internally via our website or purchased items from us previously even as a guest, your email address will be registered on our system. If you try and use your email address without logging into your existing account, the system will advise "The email address is already in use. Please enter a different one." If you are shown this message, either re-register using a different email address or to use the same email address, follow the above process to reset your password. For all other login queries get in touch.
How do you prepare your liquid?
All our E-Liquid products are made from only pharmaceutical grade solution, completely pure, without any added chemicals. Our E-liquid is mixed with a perfect blend of VG solution and PG in order to produce the best flavour, throat hit and vapour production. Our blends produce the very best E-Liquid experience and ensures your maximum safety, atomiser longevity and your satisfaction. Our E-liquid is mixed and bottled in the UK, in sterile conditions which conform to EU food regulations and standards. All our E liquid have the correct labelling and tactile warning symbols and vac sealed to preserve freshness.
Do you test you E liquid?
Yes we test our mixes regularly. We use an independent lab where our liquids are sent to based here in the UK. These test will show the levels of Nicotine, levels of contaminations and lists of independents present in our juices. We make sure that your juice is in top notch before and after it leaves us.
Do you take PayPal?
Yes we do and PayPal is our sole payment processor at the moment, these days PayPal is so popular as a payment processor that even if you don't have one you will probably know someone who does (mother, brother, sister, auntie etc.) so although it has it's faults it is almost the de-facto payment method online these days
What ingredients are in your liquids?
Each of our E-Liquids has its own secret recipe. However all our E-Liquids contain the following: VG (vegetable glycerine) Nicotine (varying strengths), distilled water and high grade, concentrated flavourings and (PG) Propylene Glycol used as a flavour enhancer. Some juice will have minimal amounts of PG safe to use for those who are sensitive to PG.
How long does my delivery usually take?
All our UK delivery are sent tracked that should ensure a swift delivery so long as our courier service do their job properly. Due to the popularity of our products, we ask for a 2-3 day processing time but this is rare. Deliveries can take a further 2 days once in the hands of our courier, all tracking information will be provided.
Why are you so cheap on certain items?
We do get asked this a few times and the main reason we try and keep our prices down is because some places (no names, no pack drills) are charging silly prices for the very same goods that we have. We try and keep our overheads down and clip our profit margin to be able to offer you, the consumer a fair deal
What are the health risks of spilling nicotine e liquid on your skin?
All our products are Nicotine free but we are obliged to provide this information freely. Nicotine is a poison in its raw form and it is important to take care in handling your e liquid responsibly. If you do get e-liquid on your skin, wash the area of skin thoroughly straight away. If a large amount of e-liquid spills on your skin, wash straight away and consult your doctor if you have any ill effects from this. You should not get any adverse effects by spilling small amounts of e liquid on your skin as the concentrations in e liquid aren't high enough to cause serious damage. Nicotine is not a proven carcinogenic, which means it does not cause, or tend to cause cancer. However, it is addictive and very dangerous in its pure form. Please handle your e liquid responsibly.
How should I store my e liquid?
E-liquid must be kept in a dark, cool, dry place avoiding excessive sunlight which can damage the e-liquid and discolor it. If left for a long period of time, and may help to shake the bottle to gain back the full flavour and throat hit. E-liquid has an expiry date of roughly 1-2 years.
Are there any reasons you should not use the electronic cigarette?
Electronic cigarettes should not be used by anyone who falls into one more of the following categories; Anyone under the age of 18 Anyone allergic to nicotine or nicotine based products Anyone who suffers from heart disease Anyone with high blood pressure Anyone with a weak immune system Anyone pregnant Anyone allergic to propylene glycol or any other ingredients in e-liquid
Can I return anything I have brought from
Orders can only be returned if the product is unopened and/or unused. We are very friendly at bestcigliquid so just shoot us an email if you want to send something back and we will try and fix it for you. If we have sent the wrong products, please email us within 7 days to receive the correct product.
What is Easy Mix?
Easy Mix is a brand new way to vape and all you have to do is add your own Nicotine to the bottle. We have lots of options for you to choose from making customizing your e liquid even easier.
What are Best shots?
Best shots is another new way to vape, its designed so you can add your own VG, PG and Nicotine to the bottle. Its great for advanced vapers who know how to customize their own e liquid.
What is shake and vape?
Shake and vape is where you squeeze the Nictone we supply with the product into the bottle with VG, PG and Concentrate. Sake and vape only come in limited Nicotine strengths.
Do you supply Nicotine?
No we do not, the only Nicotine we supply are with our 'Shake and Vape' products.
Are your products in any vape shops?
Yes they are, our Easy Mixes are very popular