Got a burnt taste in your E cigarette?

Sometimes, even when you’re vaping a great e liquid it’s possible to get a burnt taste or Chemical taste with it.
I am going to give you a few scenarios below that could cause this nasty burnt flavour.


Your Battery and Unit Is Not Warmed Up

If you’re vaping a manual battery like the Ego or a Mod and you forget to hold down the button and you simply suck through, you may have a burnt taste and you’ll also produce no vapour. (I’ve done his before!) Make sure to hold the the button in for a few seconds after you turn the unit on and before you take your first puff. This will make sure the unit is warmed up.However, if you hold the button and you get a little vapour out, but, you’re still get a

However, if you hold the button and you get a little vapour out, but, you’re still get a e juice that tastes burnt then you’re most likely running low on e juice in the unit. Fill it up and take a few puff and see what happens. If it still tastes burnt then you might have other problems.


If Your Battery Is Automatic

Sometimes automatic batteries take longer to warm up than manual batteries. Because of this, when you take a drag on the ecig, sometimes it’s just not warmed up enough. On an automatic battery I typically try to take several short puffs before taking my first official vape.


Bad Cartomizer or atomizer

One of the most popular reasons why you sometime get a burnt taste or ‘dry hit’ will be down to your atomiser. Vapours will automatically think its down to the juice, it is not. The atomiser may be well used and starting to fail, had too many juices in it and its very gunky or it may be faulty. Faulty atomizers are very common, cheaper versions from local stores, market places or E bay will sell good atomisers along with some faulty ones, this happens sometimes. Its always good to upgrade your equipment this will enhance the flavour and vape of the juice you are using. Dry hits and burnt tastes are very common so you are not alone.


Steeping your e liquid

Steeping your Chemical taste e liquid will take away the chemical taste, we have a great thread on Steeping your juice. Taking the top off and letting it breath will take some away, remember some e liquids and flavouring require this method to be used before you start to vape.

So to recap… some causes to burn tasting juice:
Heavy VG-Some devices cant handle a heavy VG juice – burnt taste
Coat your wick-It always pays to pour juice on your atomizer before using.
Variable device-Use a variable wattage device to find the sweet spot of your juice
Faulty atomizer-Try another atomizer and see if your having the same issue
Steeping – steeping your e liquid will take the chemical taste away
Update your device-It always pays to have the best quality device you can afford – you pay for what you get.

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