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A huge collection of our Yogurt flavour E liquids, you will find something here that you will enjoy.


E liquid ‘Easy Mix’ is a revolutionary new product that makes vaping E liquid easy so you can still vape the flavour, mix and Nicotine strength you want.


Instructions: Find the E liquid flavour you want from the Bestcigliquid website then: Choose your E liquid Bottle size, choose the E liquid ratio you want, choose your preferred E liquid Nicotine strength and are you using VG or PG E liquid Nicotine?


Your E liquid product will arrive already mixed without the Nicotine with a label on the E liquid bottle with one basic instruction on how much Nicotine to add to your E liquid.


Looking for E liquid with Nicotine shots? Easy and very simple to use go here

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Strawberry Yogurts
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Easy Mix Dessert – Strawberry Yogurt

A smooth and creamy Strawberry Yogurt flavour £6.98£24.98
5 out of 5
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Easy Mix – Its Nicotine free until you add it!

Yogurt E liquid concentrates are fast becoming a very popular flavour for many Vapers around the world. There are many versions of this with many vendors and this is ours. A smooth Greek yogurt E liquid with strawberry and other flavours expertly mixed together. If your looking for a new, delicious desert based vape then try this Easy Mix.


Please see below information on adding your own Nicotine


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