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10 ml Samples and testers

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We welcome back our very popular sample and tester section


Choose up to 5 flavours in any ratio you wish from the selections below, samples are available here in 12 ml,bottles. A great way to try our full range of flavours before purchasing in larger quantities.

No Nicotine are supplied or added to these samples and have a MG strength of 0 mg, if you wish to add Nicotine to these samples you can do by popping off the dropper and adding it yourself.


We do advise to select 5 different flavours.


You can view our complete flavour list here for a brief description of each flavour


If you cant decided on the flavours you want, simply click DESSERT FLAVOURS, FRUIT FLAVOURS, TOBACCO FLAVOURS, MINT & MENTHOL FLAVOUR and we will randomly pick flavours for you.

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