(N.E.T) Naturally Extracted Tobacco
shake and vape E liquid
All the flavours in our very popular Shake and Vape section, simply add the bottle of Nicotine into the 100 ml bottle, shake and vape – simple!

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100 ml Tobacco E liquid

£12.98£13.98 Inc: Vat

Naturally Extracted Tobacco E liquid

Its so easy! Simply squirt the 10 ml Nicotine shot/s into the 100 ml bottle, shake and vape.. thats it!

Mixes available, please state at check out if you need another mix than 70%VG 30%PG

80%VG 20%PG
70%VG 30%PG
50%VG 50%PG
60%VG 40%PG
30%VG 60%PG

Included with product: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6 x Nicotine shots (depending on Nicotine selection), 1 x easy twist dispensing cap and a nice 12 ml bottle to squirt it in if needed.

Happy vaping!

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30 ml N.E.T Tobacco E liquid

£10.98 Inc: Vat

Naturally Extracted Tobacco E liquid – Now with free Nicotine shots!

Included with product: 30 ml bottle and Nicotine shots, simply insert the Nicotine shots into a 30 ml bottle with supplied concentrate.

Mix available – 70/30 vg/pg


As with all Nicotine based products, please keep Nicotine shots away from children and pets and please do not vape on its own


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