When creating your own e-liquid, you basically need to mix nicotine, flavour concentrates, and a base liquid of PG/VG. Not all three are strict requirements since some vapers prefer nicotine-free or unflavoured e-liquids.

Here are the benefits of creating your own e-liquid:

1. Customisation

One of the top reasons why vapers mix their own e-liquid is to add variety to their experiences. If you have been vaping the same flavour for a while or if you get vaper’s tongue, you now have the option to just make a new e-liquid flavour.

The same goes for nicotine levels. If you want to vape something stronger (or less), you can control the nicotine level that you’re comfortable vaping.

2. Lower cost

Considering the array of products available today, it’s tempting to try multiple bottles of different flavours. Indulgence and your vaping frequency can get expensive. DIY e-liquids are often cheaper, provided that you buy the ingredients in bulk. As with any product, wholesale prices are always lower than retail price.

3. Unlimited e-liquid

On top of the cheaper price point, you will also end up with a lot more e-liquid if you make your own. When you DIY your e-liquid, all you have to do is whip out your tools and ingredients, and you’ll have a fresh batch in your hands.