If your looking for information on RY4 Tobacco flavours then you have come to the right place. RY4 is a Tobacco flavour that has Vanilla and Caramel. Its a slightly sweet Tobacco flavour that’s excellent when mixed with other Tobacco Concentrates.

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What is RY4?

RY4 is a term for a flavor profile which best describes a Tobacco flavour that has three basic components: a mild yet slightly sweet Tobacco Base that is more upfront, Vanilla and Caramel. The Vanilla and Caramel should be always in the background but RY4 flavours can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What does RY4 taste like?

RY4 is a term used for a flavour profile that has 3 main ingredients. Background flavours are Caramel and Vanilla. A sweet yet distinctive Tobacco flavour is at the front. An excellent Tobacco that is commonly mixed with other flavours.

What is RY4 Vape?

RY4 E-Liquid is a sweeter tobacco flavored e-juice. The Tobacco flavour has hints of Vanilla and Caramel that’s mixed into a Tobacco flavour. This combination is called RY4 and is aimed at Vapers who don’t want a Tobacco flavour but crave the taste of Tobacco with a sweet and dessert based taste.

Who has the best RY4 Concentrate?

TPA or (The perfumers apprentice) manufacture the original RY4 Tobacco Concentrate flavour. This RY4 Concentrate is then mixed with other flavours to create a unique RY4 Tobacco Vape. Bestcigliquid.co.uk has a huge selection of different types of RY4 Tobaccos to suit all Tobacco and dessert Vapers.

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