CLEARANCE – Strawberry Lemonade Deluxe

A delicate balance of Sweet Strawberry & tangy Lemonade

72 mg Nicotine is needed to add to this E-liquid

CLEARANCE - Strawberry Lemonade Deluxe
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CLEARANCE – Strawberry Lemonade Deluxe


A delicate balance of Sweet Strawberry & tangy Lemonade

72 mg Nicotine is needed to add to this E-liquid



Different types of E liquid ratios:

If you want to have more vape clouds with your E liquid we suggest a higher VG ratio such as a 80/20 VG or a 70/30 VG.

Less vape ratios/more throat hit:

If you want to have more throat hit with your E liquid we suggest a higher PG ratio such as a 70/30 PG or a 60/40 VG.

A little bit of both?

Ratios that have the best of both (vape and throat hit) try ratios such as a 50/50 VG, 60/40 VG.

Nicotine Strengths:

New vapers tend to start on a higher Nicotine strength such as a 12 MG or even higher and gradually work themselves down over a period of time.

Purchasing 72 MG Nicotine:

For this E liquid you will need 72 MG Nicotine to add it, you can purchase 72 MG Nicotine. Once you have chosen your options, the E liquid bottle will have very easy to use instructions on how much Nicotine to add to it.

To use Nicotine shots:

These E liquid products can be used with Nicotine shots, your can view our full range of E liquid with Nicotine shots here, this might be what you are looking for.

Steeping your E liquid:

E-liquid Bundle may need steeping before use, some vapers do prefer this. Once you receive your E liquid shake well, and leave locked away in a cool dark place away from children and pets and leave for around 1 week or more shaking your E liquid every few days. This process works for all E liquid and it enhances the flavour in the bottle, getting the most from your vaping experience.

E-liquid Bundle

  • 100 ml child-proof and tamper evident bottles.
  • Complies with the European TPD
  • Steeping maybe required for best results.
  • All E liquid products are made and produced by
  • Ingredients include the highest quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients
  • CHIP compliant packaging and labeling
  • Preparation and bottling conforms to the highest safety and hygiene standards in IS07 clean rooms
  • We are not aware specifically but it is possible some flavours may contain traces of nuts.
  • The bottle nib is removable to add your 72 mg Nicotine or Nicotine Shots
  • Any further information we need to know please leave this in the comments box at checkout or view our helpful E liquid and vaping guide.

For further information about please see some helpful links below:

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Disclaimer: No Nicotine whatsoever is included with this product. We have clearly shown instructions on how to make personal vaporizer liquid. Adding Nicotine is at users own risk. Steeping these liquids will differ from flavour to flavour and we hold no responsibility for user error. For further assistance and guidance please email us at 

Additional information


100 ml


0 mg, 1 mg, 3 mg, 5 mg, 6 mg, 8 mg, 10 mg, 12 mg


70% VG 30% PG, 50% VG 50% PG


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