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Easy Mix Tobacco E liquid – Sultan Turkish

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Easy Mix –  Vape like you used to,  just add your own Nicotine! Need help?

Turkish Tobacco at its best! Rated as a stunning dark Turkish N.E.T flavour that out shines any other Turkish Tobacco E liquid.


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Product Description

Best tasting Turkish Tobacco vape

What is an Easy Mix?

Best tasting Turkish Tobacco vape Easy Mix is where you just add your Nicotine to a bottle that has a mixture of VG, PG and Tobacco flavour Concentrate. All our Best tasting Turkish Tobacco vape E liquid products are Nicotine free, you have to add your own Nicotine to these products, its easy and very simple to do.

So how much Nicotine do i add to our Tobacco E liquids?

For all our Best tasting Turkish Tobacco vape Easy Mix range, you will need 72 mg Nicotine to add to these Best tasting Turkish Tobacco vape products, each product is freshly mixed and nicotine free. 72 mg Nicotine can be found on various websites please email us and we will point you in the right direction. Nicotine shots can also be used for these Tobacco flavours, again if your not sure email us.

For 72 mg Nicotine:

30 ml Tobacco E liquid Easy Mix (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement to follow)

1 mg – 0.4 ml, 3 mg – 1.3 ml, 5 mg – 2.1 ml, 8 mg – 3.3 ml, 10 mg – 4.2 ml, 12 mg – 5.0, 14 mg – 5.8 ml, 16 mg – 6.7 ml, 18 mg – 7.5 ml

50 ml Tobacco E liquid Easy Mix (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement to follow)

1 mg – 0.7 ml, 3 mg – 2.1 ml, 5 mg – 3.5 ml, 8 mg – 5.6 ml, 10 mg – 6.9 ml, 12 mg – 8.3, 14 mg – 9.7 ml, 16 mg – 11.1 ml, 18 mg – 12.5 ml

100 ml Tobacco E liquid Easy Mix (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement to follow)

1 mg – 1.4 ml, 3 mg – 4.2 ml, 5 mg – 6.9 ml, 8 mg – 11.1 ml, 10 mg – 13.9 ml, 12 mg – 16.7, 14 mg – 9.4 ml, 16 mg – 22.2 ml, 18 mg – 25 ml

250 ml Tobacco E liquid Easy Mix (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement to follow)

1 mg – 3.5 ml, 3 mg – 10.4 ml, 5 mg – 17.4 ml, 8 mg – 27.8 ml, 10 mg – 34.7 ml, 12 mg – 41.7, 14 mg – 48.6 ml, 16 mg – 55.6 ml, 18 mg – 62.5 ml

For 20 mg Nicotine shots:

50 ml Tobacco E liquid Easy Mix (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement to follow)

2 mg – .5 bottle, 4 mg – 1 bottle, 6 mg – 1.5 bottles, 8 mg – 2 bottles, 12 mg – 3 bottles, 16 mg – 4 bottles, 18 mg – 4 bottles, 20 mg – 5 bottles

100 ml Tobacco E liquid Easy Mix (Remember, the bottle label will have the correct Nicotine measurement to follow)

1 mg – .5 bottle, 2 mg – 1 bottle, 4 mg – 2 bottles, 6 mg – 3 bottles, 8 mg – 4 bottles, 10 mg – 5 bottles, 12 mg – 6 bottles, 16 mg – 8 bottles, 16 mg – 8 bottles, 18 mg – 9 bottles

Our great tasting Best tasting Turkish Tobacco vape Easy mixes are the cheapest and best way to vape, you can choose from our whole range of Tobacco E liquid with some fantastic Tobacco E liquid flavour products on offer.

Our stunning best selling Best tasting Turkish Tobacco vape by bestcigliquid, for advice on the best Tobacco E liquids join our Facebook group here, our best selling Tobacco flavours can also be found in our popular Tobacco Concentrates or Tobacco Bottle shot products.

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100 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml

6 reviews for Easy Mix Tobacco E liquid – Sultan Turkish

  1. 5 out of 5


    After the service from Andy , i thought id better write a proper review , First the service is excellent always respond and answer your questions, nothing seems to be a problem . Down to the liquid , well i started using this company about a year ago , bought a few to try and didn’t like any ( read on )left them in the cupboard for about a week and the difference was amazing , anyway found my all day vape in sultan , the longer i can leave this the better , flavour is amazing through the corolla or digiflavour siren . im a tobbaco vapour but have tried the odd fruit again , product description is spot on and you will get all the flavours. every vapour wants to try the liquid when it arrives , ignoring the company info about steeping , but believe me the longer you steep the better it will be . if in any doubt watch vaping with vic , his reviews are spot on with liquids tanks etc , he doesn’t mince his words . well done andy & co keep up the good work .

  2. 5 out of 5


    Well then, i promised a testimonial so here it is. Ive been using the Easy mixes and they are an absolute god send. I have years worth of Nicotine in stock and frozen and dig it out when i need to. I buy these Easy mixes, i may let them steep and ass the nicotine. Come may if these are all thats left il be buying these forever. Thank you for creating a product we can all use!

  3. 5 out of 5


    First time ordering eliquids online. Found the site easy to use, Order process easy. Delivered quickly, and the liquids are brilliant. Much better than expected. I ordered 4 sample bottles as unsure what flavour I’d like. All good, but found a favourite so come back to order more of it. If you want a strong tobacco flavour, Try Sultan Turkish. Very strong, but gives you the hit you need.

  4. 5 out of 5


    SULTAN TUKISH 70% vg from the EASY MIX range. This is a rich, dark, earthy tobacco with sweetness you would expect to get from a Turkish tobacco. Its mildly aromatic with what tastes like a hint of coco. A very enjoyable vape.

  5. 5 out of 5


    This is the first time I’ve used this vendor, based on YouTube reviews.
    Well, what can i say ?
    Significantly, these are not your run of the mill flavours. These, are in a league of their own.
    All i can really suggest is try for yourself.
    If you like a rich tobacco flavour, unlike the generic liquids available, i can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
    Indeed, everyone has individual tastes which for some may not be suited to these concentrates. However, for little expense you have the perfect opportunity here to try bestcigliquid for yourself.
    I ordered ‘Sultan Turkish’ and ‘Tawny Dawn’.
    ‘Tawny Dawn’ is similar (very similar) to an aromatic pipe tobacco with hidden nuances, sweet, rich and creamy but not overpowering.
    ‘Sultan Turkish’ was strange at first however, after a few steady draws i got a slightly fragrant start, followed by a nice deep rich earthy tobacco flavour. Delicious, leaving you wanting more whilst at the same time not overpowering.
    I shall be ordering more very soon, to see what a little steeping reveals.
    Excellent service, excellent product which has been well crafted.
    Highly recommended.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Sultan Turkish is the first N.E.T tobacco that I have ever tried. I tried a few “tobacco” flavours when I first started vaping years ago and to be honest, I thought they were awful. The tobacco flavour was a chemical, artificial and harsh taste that made me never try a tobacco since. So you can imagine my trepidation when I put this into my tank!

    So, on to the the review of BestcigLiquids Sultan Turkish, a N.E.T tobacco from the Easy Mix range. Firstly though, N.E.T stands for “Naturally Extracted Tobacco” which means this juice isn’t made using artificial flavourings, it’s made from extracting the flavours from actual tobacco leaves! Will it taste any better though?

    On the inhale there is an immediate slight taste of an aromatic flavour, not a perfume but a slightly fragrant flavour and not off putting in any way. Then you get the tobacco, bang! Oh boy, it’s strong, dark and powerful. There’s a definite earthy taste with a sweetness and a lovely richness to the inhale.

    On the exhale, the fragrant taste is gone, completely washed away with the strength of the tobacco flavour. The sweetness that is naturally occurring in Turkish tobacco really comes through and is a perfect balance to the dark rich tobacco flavour. Without this it would be quite a bitter tobacco but with the sweetness it’s a very satisfying vape indeed.

    Wow. What a difference a N.E.T tobacco makes! If you are vaping any tobacco flavour that doesn’t have N.E.T printed on the label then you need to stop right now. The flavour is nothing like a N.E.T flavour, I can promise you that. I am a complete convert to BestcigLiquids Sultan Turkish and I can’t wait to order more from their tobacco range, which are all N.E.T flavoured!

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