Tobacco E-liquid flavours FAQ

What is the best tobacco flavored e liquid? have lots of Tobacco E-liquid flavours to try.
1) Cavendish
2) Burley
3) Golden Virginia
4) Old Holborn
5) Drummer

What is the best tobacco e liquid UK? have the best Tobacco flavours in the UK to suit all styles of Vaping.

Is tobacco in vape juice?

Tobacco can be found in Tobacco Vape Juice. 100% NET Tobaccos have pure Tobacco some Tobaccos have Tobacco Extract and others do not have Tobacco in them.

What E Cig tastes the most like a real cigarette?

Best flavours are:
Ciggi –
Gold & Silver –
Silver Pack –
Golden Virginia –

What are the best Tobacco Vapes to buy?

Go to a trusted online Vendor like They have the UK’s biggest selection of the best Tobacco E-liquids.

What is the best Cigarette style E-liquid?

Ciggi by is a classic Cigarette style flavour E-liquid.