Tobacco e liquid reviews

Cheapest Tobacco E-liquids

Tobacco E liquid Reviews

Tobacco is the most popular of all E-liquid flavours. Here you can find a huge selection of the best tasting and most popular Tobacco E liquid reviews in the UK. If you have just started Vaping or looking to start using E-cigarettes, you may want to read some of these reviews of Tobacco Flavours before you purchase. We have the Tobacco Flavour and Nicotine Strengths that works in any Vaping device.

Classic Cigar Tobacco Review

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Classic Cigar Tobacco E-liquid is a stunning Havana inspired Tobacco blend with all the Cigar taste and flavour you can expect from a flavourful Cuban Cigar Vape.

Golden Classic Virginia Tobacco Review

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Golden Tobacco or Golden Virginia is the best Tobacco flavour to help you kick the habit. A rich Virginia flavour its the best Tobacco E-liquid flavour online.

Holborn Tobacco Review

100 ml bottle – £9.99

If you are looking for the best tasting Tobacco and one that nearly replicates the once smoked Tobacco Old Holborn 

Cutter Chance Tobacco Review

100 ml bottle – £9.99

The Classic Virginia taste. A rich Bold and smooth Tobacco flavour suitable for all Vape devices. A classic Golden Virginia Tobacco flavour.

English Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Try this amazing British Tobacco E-liquid, UK made and one of the highest quality. A blend of the best dark and light Virginia Tobaccos British Tobacco by BCL is what you need.

Sweeter Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Sweet Tobacco by BCL is a unique Tobacco mix of Virginia and smokey Tobacco. A slightly nutty and dark flavour, reminiscent of a classic smooth cigarette.

Bestcigliquid offers a huge selection of classic tasting Tobacco Flavour E-liquids. Explore our huge range of Tobacco Flavours in E-liquid form all available in many different Nicotine strengths and Mixtures. If you are looking to buy a Tobacco E-liquid in the UK make sure its of the highest quality and at BCL we have the best Tobacco on offer in the UK.

 If your taste loves a Sweet Tobacco or your after a standard classic Rich Tobacco flavour E-liquid you will always find the best tasting Tobacco E-liquids here. All of our Tobacco E-liquid brands are of the highest quality made here in the UK and tried and tested by thousands of Vapers  around the word. We offer a range of Sweet Tobaccos, Dark Tobaccos, Virginia Tobaccos, Naturally Extracted Tobaccos all perfect for any Vape device with the real taste of Tobacco.

Some tobaccos have the Natural Tobacco taste others have the classic taste of a real Cigarette. If you want to quit smoking or are trying to quit and Vaping a short period of time try these best selling Tobacco E-liquids.

Most popular Dark Tobacco Reviews

Turkey Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Available with or without Nicotine Shots, this Black Turkish Tobacco has the unique taste of Turkish. A top selling Turkish Tobacco E-liquid, this dark Tobacco Flavour is in a class of its own. 

Spicy Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Made with pure 100% Natural Extracted Tobacco, this Latakia blend is a world class tobacco mix. A pure NET Tobacco, this has spice, flavour and depth and suits any Vaper looking to try a dark and strong Tobacco vape.

Best Virginia Tobacco E-liquid Reviews

Vanilla Pipe Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

A stunning real Pipe Tobacco E-liquid with pure Virginia. This is a 100% NET Tobacco Extract with ripe Virginia Leaf. Vanilla pod extract is added during the steeping process.

Pipe Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

For Vapers who love a Pipe Tobacco Country Pipe is a classic, flavourful pipe blend made with real Tobacco essence. Enriched with Chocolate, Burley, Latakia & Virginia it has a nutty edge.

Cigarette like E-liquid Reviews

Rich Roll Up Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

A high quality Cigarette E-liquid is hard to come by, check out his amazing Tobacco E-liquid Rich Cigarette, the flsvour you need if you want to stop smoking.

Golden Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Gold Tobacco by BCL is your stronger Virginia Vape, all the taste and strength you need. Customize this juice to any mixture or Nicotine strength you want.

The UK's biggest selection

Tobacco E-liquid reviews are the best choice for those looking to take their first step into Vaping. Take a look at the Tobacco products we have on offer here at BCL we have everything you need to start using e-cigarettes and get you away from Cigarettes. Tobacco E-liquid can come in many flavours, mixtures and strengths but finding the right tobacco for you and your device is not as daunting as it seems.

We have the perfect balance of VG/PG mixtures to suit your Vaping device and have a vape juice that works. Tobacco Cigarettes gives you that throat hit and satisfaction you need, here you can customize your Tobacco E-liquid so you can recreate that experience.

A higher PG E-liquid mixture will give you that throat hit along with a high Nicotine strength. For new Vapers starting out on Tobacco ejuice for the first time a E-liquid mixture of 60/40 vg pg will do the trick and at a Nicotine strength of 12 MG. American Virginia flavours are a very popular Tobacco choice, choose Dark Fired for that dark and smokey tobacco flavour or if you want a Tobacco Dessert flavoured Tobacco E-liquid such as an RY4 or a Caramel Tobacco we have those tobacco flavours too.

We have the tastiest Tobacco flavoured vape juice you are going to love, just perfect for Vapers who appreciate the smoky taste of good quality tobacco leaf that has a earth and rich flavour. We have something here to suit any taste bud.

From Virginia Tobaccos, American Blends, Natural Cigar flavours, Caramel to sweet, dark fired with Balkan. Classic Virginia blends are a very popular choice for those vapers looking to to vape a no frills Virginia juice. Bestcigliquid offers a huge selection of Tobacco vape brands in a selection of Nicotine strengths , so if you want you Cigar Vape to be strong, we have that flavour for you. Combining your PG and VG mixtures will create more vape clouds or throat hitting experience with a high or low Nicotine strength you will be on the right track to kicking the habit.

Authentic Tobacco Tobacco E-liquid Reviews

For your authentic Tobacco experience many of our Tobaccos at BCL contain real Naturally Extracted Tobacco which means you will experience a real Tobacco taste. Not many E-liquid vendors can say their Tobacco E-liquids do contain real Tobacco but at BCL we can say we do.

Naturally Extracted Tobacco Review

Finding Tobacco flavours that has real Tobacco essence is rare but at BCL we have a vast selection of (NET) Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquids. Naturally Extracted means that the Tobacco essence of the raw Tobacco leaf has been extracted by using  PG (Propylene Glycol). 

Traditional Tobacco E-liquid Review

Traditional Tobacco Flavour E-liquid by Bestcigliquid offers you the best Authentic taste of traditional Tobacco Cigarettes. We don’t just stop there, we push the boat out even further with Tobacco Hybrid! Combining some of the worlds best Tobacco Leaf such as Cavendish, Burley, Virginia and Latakia you can experience a Tobacco Vape like no other.

Cheap Tobacco E-liquid to Vape Review

Tobacco juice from just £4.99 per 50 ml  bottle, this cheap, high quality tobacco flavoured e-liquid can be used with nicotine or without. We provide free Nicotine shots with every bottle of Tobacco E-juice for your to add to your vape juice. A 0 mg Nicotine option is also available for Vapers who has cut out their Nicotine intake entirely or just want a Nicotine Free Tobacco Flavor E-liquid.

Cigar Tobacco Flavoured E-liquid Review

Tobacco Cigar E-liquids are popular with past Cigar smokers who love the taste of a classic smokey Havana Cigar. We have different types of Cigar flavours: Rich Cigar, Havana Cigar, Cigarillo, Smokey Cigar, Light Cigar, Dark Cigar, Cherry Cigar or just Cigar. A huge choice of Cigar flavours to wet your appetite. 

Cubano Tobacco E-liquid Review

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Classic Cubano is a flavourful original Cuban Cigar Flavour. A rich Cigar with notes of Havana.

Smokey Cigar Tobacco E-liquid

100 ml bottle – £9.99

Browse all Cigar Flavoured E Liquid with free UK shipping over £25. Classic Cigar Vape selection in the .UK 

Tobacco Concentrates

Using the Concentrate of Tobacco is the best way to make you own Tobacco E-liquids. We have hundreds of different Tobacco Concentrate types for you to choose from. Just by using a 10 ml bottle of Tobacco Concentrate you can add it to VG, PG & Nicotine to you liking and have a Tobacco Eliquid with Concentrate to suit your Vaping style.

What are the different types of Tobacco E-liquid?

We have a wide range of different Tobacco types including Burley blends, Cigarette flavours, Turkish Tobaccos, Earthy blends to fruity Tobacco E-liquids but there are lots of different types of tobacco notes, here are just a few:

Cigarette Tobacco E-liquid Review

Classic Virginia flavours most suited to new vapers.

Dark Tobacco E-liquid Review

Most suited for advanced Tobacco Vapers, these flavours are usually smokey in nature and more robust, rustic and strong.

Latakia Tobacco Ejuice Review

As strong Tobacco blend, can be found in generic form or Naturally Extracted (NET). NET Tobaccos are the best tobacco type if you want the pure spicy, full flavoured Tobacco hit and taste.

Virginia blended Tobacco Review

The most common Tobacco leaf to Vape. Virginia is found in many Tobacco E-liquid and its added to nearly all Generic Virginia juices. At BCL, we have 100% pure Virginia Extract, taken direct from the raw leaf.

Perique Tobacco Review

A highly sort after Tobacco flavour, known for its unique tobacco taste, spice and hard hitting texture. Mainly found as a 100% NET and known by tobacco and pipe smokers as St James Perique.

Strong Tobacco Review

Dark Fired, deep and full of flavour, these Strong Tobacco type of E-liquid are sort after and rare. Tobacco Leaves used are Perique, Dark Cured Burley, Fire Cured Virginias and Black Cavendish.

Turkish Tobacco Type Review

Turkish Tobacco E-liquid are unique on its own. carries an amazing combination of sun cured tobacco flavours with a mild slightly sweet taste and a spicy robust aroma, Turkish Tobacco are the best Tobacco Flavour E-liquid for Tobacco Vapers. 

Unique Blended Tobacco Flavours

We have some of the worlds best Tobacco Vape Juice made and produced here in the UK. We blend together over 20 different types of leaf as well as generical, high quality Tobacco flavours to create a one of a kind and unique Tobacco Vape. If you want to vape a Deep Cavendish pipe tobacco, we have the most amazing tobacco flavoured vape for your tobacco vaping needs. Discover top selling sweet Tobaccos such as RY4 blends which are a very popular choice. Simple Tobacco flavours are just as good such as British Tobacco or Smooth Virginia Tobacco and makes the Cigarette cravings go away.